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When developing the FX Panthera 700, the Swedish FX Airguns really has focussed on long range competition shooting with slugs. They aimed for a PCP airgun that could easily compete with .22LR rifles. For this, an exceptionally powerful and accurate air rifle is needed and to do just that, FX has upped their game once again. Both technical and functional, this FX Panthera 700 really is purpose built. For instance, the FX Panthera 700 features a 17.75” Arca rail over the full length of the fore-end with M-LOK slots into which optional balancing weights can be attached. There’s also a barricade block for perfect repetitive positioning and an optional bag rider can be mounted. More about the design later, let’s first focus on the impressive engineering of this FX Panthera 700.

Impressive engineering
This powerhouse is built for optimal airflow, meaning that air will flow as fast and efficient as possible as soon as you pull the trigger. For this, all parts are perfectly in sync with each other. Let us pick out the highlights for you:

• Regulator – the single AMP MKII regulator has its own pressure gauge and can be adjusted meticulously. It lets you lower the pressure coming from the 250 bar bottle (300 cc and sporting its own pressure gauge) to create the perfect pressure inside the plenum to match your chosen ammunition.
• Dynamic Plenum – inside the plenum, the already regulated air is at the ready for the next shot. The plenum is available in different capacities and the bigger the calibre and the heavier the projectile, the more capacity you’ll need inside the plenum. Available plenum sizes are: Micro (sub 12 ft./lb.), Macro (47 cc), Magnum (95 cc) and Magnum XL (156 cc). The FX Panthera 700 sports a Magnum XL plenum around the barrel. This means a matching barrel shroud should be used when changing the plenum. Of course, we’ve got these available separately.
• Dynamic Block – an extra-large breech is featured inside the Dynamic Block, allowing for slugs up to 13 mm in length. A smart move, as the FX Panthera 700 is specifically designed to use slugs. A newly developed High Power/Short Impulse one-piece valve ensures a large and extremely fast airflow.
• Quick Tune System – to tune further, the hammer spring preload can be adjusted with a macro adjustment wheel in numerous numbered steps. Finetuning is then done with a micro adjustment, also with a clear scale to see what you’re doing. This makes choosing a setting a breeze.
• Superior STX – the famed Superior STX barrel system features a changeable Superior STX Heavy liner into which the rifling is pressed from the outside. This is done to keep the inside of the barrel as smooth as possible and to ensure a perfect sealing around the projectile. The liner has a carbon fibre sleeve beneath the barrel shroud.

Functional design
Everything on this FX Panthera 700 is designed for ultimate accuracy over long distances and ergonomics are an important aspect of this. The adjustable match trigger of the FX Panthera 700 is known to be very refined and its blade is adjustable in both angle and height.
The stock is adjustable in length of pull and the cheek piece is height adjustable. You can also change the cheek piece from the left side to the right and to make the FX Panthera 700 fully ambidextrous, the short throw cocking lever can be switched from side to side too. As standard, the FX Panthera 700 is equipped with a zero-angle grip.

Being a thoroughbred long distance PCP air rifle, the FX Panthera 700 is -of course- featuring a 20 MOA Weaver/Picatinny scoperail. This slightly forward slanted rail really enhances the adjustment range of your rifle scope when shooting over long distances. The front of the fore-end has M-LOK slots in top, sides and below and is ready for optional Weaver/Picatinny accessory rails. This makes mounting a bipod -for instance- a walk in the park.

ManufacturerFX Airguns
Caliber5,5mm (.22)
Overall length1245mm - 49"
Magazine18 shots
Barrel length700mm
Energyup to 130 J – 96 ft/lbs with 40gr slug at 1040 fps
Weight3,9Kg – 8,55 lbs


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