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The FX Maverick VP distinguishes itself from every other FX PCP air rifle by having not one, but two AMP regulators. The first regulator reduces the pressure the second regulator needs to deal with, making that one even more consistent in its output. Both regulators can be adjusted externally and it’s important to do so in a balanced manner, keeping a pressure difference between 30 and 40 bar.

Of course, the FX Maverick VP features the well-known FX Power Plenum, a plenum with a large air capacity (98 cc) that makes sure there’s enough capacity so even heavy projectiles such as slugs can be shot with more power, thus more velocity. Additional advantage is the fact the regulator pressure can be set to a lower level. The maximum power as specified, can be reached with the separately sold FX Maverick Slug Power kit.

Also used in the FX Maverick VP is the FX Superior STX Standard liner in the fully shrouded barrel. Just like in the previous STX (Smooth Twist X) liner, the rifling is pressed in from the outside, resulting in a very smooth finish and minimal friction. The process has been refined and optimized, making for even smaller tolerances and resulting in a higher accuracy. The advantage of using these liners is the fact it’s easy to change the rifling or even the calibre in the FX STX barrel system.

Besides a 20 MOA Weaver/Picatinny scope rail for mounting a rifle scope or red dot, the Maverick also features two Weaver/Picatinny accessory rails on the side and one on the underside, just before the trigger guard. The adjustable match trigger can be adjusted to suit your own preferences and the 400cc bottle is made from robust aluminium instead of carbon to keep the price down.

Regarding power and accuracy, the FX Maverick VP is on par with the FX Impact, but its design is more tactical to offer owners more freedom for customisation with aftermarket products. The external power adjuster is taken from the FX Wildcat MKIII. The easy to adjust wheel on the rear of the rifle offers both macro and micro adjustment of the hammer. The newly designed FX buttstock and AR-grip make for a stable and ergonomical hold.

This air rifle comes with moderate tuning settings, so that it can be used universally. The values shown in the specifications can be adjusted by utilising the adjustment options of the air rifle.

ManufacturerFX Airguns
Overall length800mm
Magazine18 shots
Barrel length600mm
Velocity288m/s - 945fps
Energy90Joule – 67ft/lb


Shipments of our products are made ALL OVER GREECE. Shipments are made via ELTA Door-to-Door or General Post. Shipping costs depend on total weight, package volume & destination. The cost calculation is done automatically when sending your order.
The minimum shipping cost is:
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We also provide FREE SHIPPING WITH ELTA DOOR-DOOR FOR ORDERS> 300 € within Greece.
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There is also the possibility of interest-free installments according to the table below. Installments are automatically calculated and selected by the customer at the Fund based on the Total Value of the order.

Up to

Number of Installments

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301,00 €350,00 €Up to 6 Installments
350,01 €400,00 €Up to 7 Installments
400,01 €450,00 €Up to 8 Installments
450,01 €500,00 €Up to 9 Installments
500,01 €550,00 €Up to 10 Installments
550,01 €600,00 €

Up to 11 Installments

>600,01 €

Up to 12 Installments

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