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Here you will find a wide variety of 7,62mm airgun pellets and brands such as JSB, Haendler & Natermann Sport, Artemis, Air Arms, FX Airguns, Qiang Yuan Sports, Weihrauch and more.

JSJSB EXACT .30/7,62mm (44,75grains) (150pcs)
Delivery up to 30 days
Brand: JSB Product code: 9020051169
Weight: 44,75 grains (2.9g).In tins of 150...
JSB HADES 7.62mm (150pcs)
Delivery up to 30 days
Brand: JSB Product code: 9020051836
Lead projectiles for air guns. Made with the high quality of construction that characterizes all JSB products. Carefully selected pellets in each box. Caliber: 7.62 mm (.30)Weight in grams: 2.9g / Weight in grains: 44.75grIn tins of 150..
JSB EXACT .30/7,62mm (50,15 grains) (150pcs)
Delivery up to 30 days
Brand: JSB Product code: 9020051401
The pellets have been designed in collaboration with the best manufacturers of air weapons. The JSB EXACT .30 pellets have been carefully designed, precisely manufactured and have undergone quality control by skilled workers at JSB's factory for this purpose and are so accurate on target.Weight: 3,2..
Brand: FX Airguns Product code: FXAPLHYB.30445
.300 DIAMETER (7.62mm) / LENGTH 0.425"..
Brand: FX Airguns Product code: FXAPL76230-1
Airgun pellets 7,62mm. Weight: 50,15grains (3.250g)In tins of 150...
Brand: FX Airguns Product code: FXAPL76230
Airgun pellets 7,62mm.Weight: 44,74 grains (2,9g)In tins of 150...
Brand: Daystate Product code: DSTPL001
Pellets specially designed for model Wolverine .303 of Daystate.Weight: 3,2g (50 grains).In tins of 150...
Brand: Artemis Product code: ARTPL018
Airgun pellets 7,62mm.Weight: 2,96g (45.68 grains).In tins of 150..
Brand: Artemis Product code: ARTPL019
Βλήματα αεροβόλων 7,62mm.Weight: 3,27g (50,46 grains).In tins of 150...
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